Aino Kianto

Aino Kianto is at Lappeeranta University of Technology - Finland.
My professional passion is dedicated to understanding and sharing knowledge on how we and our organisations and institutions can best use our wit and creativity to perform better in a sustainable fashion. I study, consult and teach on the management of knowledge, competence, intellectual capital, and innovation.

Constantin Bratianu

Costantin Bratianu is at Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest.
Having a complex scientific background and an international academic experience, I am interested in promoting strategic thinking and knowledge dynamics in organizations. I developed the theory of organizational integrators and the multifield approach to the organizational knowledge

Gary Mc Lean

Dr. Gary N. McLean (Ed.D., Ph.D. hon.) is president of McLean Global Consulting, Inc., a family business. As an OD practitioner, he works extensively globally, especially in Asia. He recently worked in the Graduate School of Management in the International Islamic University of Malaysia as “Renowned Scholar.” He teaches regularly in the PhD program in HRD at NIDA (National Institute for Development Administration) in Thailand. Previously, he was a Senior Professor at Texas A&M University. He is professor emeritus and co-founder of the HRD program at the University of Minnesota. He served as President of the Academy of Human Resource Development and the International Management Development Association. He has served in editorial roles on a number of peer-reviewed journals in HRD and management. He is extensively published with books, book chapters, and journal articles. He has also presented numerous keynote addresses and workshops. His research interests are broad, focusing primarily on organization development and national and international HRD. 

Special Session:  Round Table

Dr José M. Viedma

José M. Viedma is a Doctor of Industrial Engineering, a graduate in Economics and Professor of Strategic Management of Intangibles at UPC Polytechnic University of Catalonia and UPC School of Professional & Executive Development in Barcelona, Spain. He has held top executive positions in computer services and management consultancy firms. He is president and founding partner of the “Intellectual Capital Management System” and founding partner of M&A Fusiones y Adquisiciones. He is also founding member of “The new club of Paris”, CISC (Comunidad Iberoamericana de Sistemas de Conocimiento) and IAKM (International Association for Knowledge Management). Jose teaches and researches on the subject of knowledge management and intellectual capital management at the micro level and knowledge economy and knowledge based development at the macro level. He is an advisory board member for a number of journals. His current field of interest is focused on the strategic management of knowledge, intellectual capital and intangible assets practical research and he has consulted and developed a number of management frameworks and systems worldwide. His international research has crystallized in practical methodologies such as ICBS, SCBS, CICBS, RICBS and NICBS.  Further information can be found in:

Master Class: Big Data Modelling of the Knowledge Economy

Dr Robert Mellor

Robert Mellor (Kingston University, London) is a Fellow of the Royal Institution; he holds earned doctorates in various academic disciplines including innovation, computing and biology and is author of over 120 scientific publications in reputable journals, including e.g. "Nature". In addition to his scientific publications, he has written ten books, including four on innovation and entrepreneurship and three of his books have appeared in foreign translations. He has won a number of international prizes for his works, is an active consultant with twelve years industrial experience and has been expert advisor to several national governments and the European Union since 1994.