Important notice: The Proceedings and Keynotes' Presentations of TAKE 2016 Aveiro (Portugal) are available here>>>  (NOTE: password will be distributed to coauthors by organizers' e-mail immediately after the conference).

The Organizers

TAKE 2016 will be organized by E4 Conferences Scientific Organization, with the collaboration of the hosts, GOVCOPP, a research centre from Universidade de Aveiro, in Portugal.

Universidade de Aveiro is very dynamic new University in Portugal ranked in the international lists. Its facilities are outstanding, its Research Groups have international renown and its students achieve the highest ratings on employability.

The Location

TAKE 2016 will take place in Aveiro, a charming and smart city located in the centre of Portugal, 50 kms from Porto, 200km from Lisbon near the Atlantic Ocean, also called the Portuguese Venice. Aveiro is the ideal place to visit in early July, for a conference – sunny but not so hot that we cannot work.

The Scientific Objectives

TAKE 2016 will have the following objectives:
a) To analyze the relation between the theory and the applications the economy of the 21st century.
b) To understand how to improve the management of  the knowledge based economy we live in. 
c) To analyze the today’s economy putting together contributions for various fields, namely Knowledge Management, Intellectual Capital, Human Resource Development, etc. 
d) To deal with specific problems we felt are decisive in the economy as Competitiveness, Innovation and Entrepreneurship;
e) To analyze specific sectors that are at the heart of the economic live like the Public Sector, and Logistics, 
f) To analyze the case of specific countries, and not only  in the developed OECD countries but also in the BRICs.

We consider the knowledge economy a broad spectrum which includes things such as diverse as: HRD, KM, IC, etc, as described by the 10 standing streams and therefore we welcome really contributions in all these fields.

The Team

For this conference we have gathered together a team of 14 scholars from 12 countries (Austria, Canada, Croatia, Finland, France, Germany, Sweden, Portugal, Romania, South Africa, Spain, and USA), that will assure the development of 10 streams, in different areas of the topic Theory and Applications in the Knowledge Economy.

TAKE 2016 will also co-managed by GOVCOPP the research centre on Public Policies classified with Excellent by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology in 2015.

TAKE 2016 will be also managed by E4 Conferences Scientific Organization a company specialized in organizing international conferences.   

The Programme Commitee

The Programme Commitee consists of the conference keynote speakers and stream leaders. The stream leader(s) are responsible for organizing and managing the blind peer-review process within the particular conference stream. The conference papers are peer-reviewed by at least two independent reviewers. The Programme Commitee is responsible to maintain high ethical standards regarding the peer-review process.